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Hi Dad

Thanks for checking out my About Me page. Come and learn a bit about who I am. 

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My Story

Hello, I'm Gareth Wall, the founder of "Be A Super Dad." My journey into fatherhood coaching is deeply personal and professionally backed by over 25 years of experience working with children and families facing challenging situations. As a father of two, I've navigated the same overwhelming feelings many dads experience—standing outside the hospital, wondering, "Now what?" This moment of vulnerability sparked my mission: to ensure no dad feels unprepared or alone in this remarkable journey.

My Approach: Warm, supportive, and insightful, my coaching style is designed to help dads see their world differently. I ask thought-provoking questions that uncover perspectives and understandings previously unexplored, fostering a deep self-awareness and a new outlook on fatherhood. This approach is not just about providing answers but about guiding dads to discover them within themselves, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth.

Inspiration: The absence of support during my initial steps into fatherhood, despite having a great role model in my own father, highlighted a universal truth: men face insecurities and need reliable guidance just as much as anyone else. My goal is to fill the gap with trustworthy support and information, making the path of fatherhood clearer and more accessible for all dads.

Vision and Impact: I aim to create a legacy. Research convincingly shows that a positive start in life can influence generations. Working with me opens the door not only to nurturing a thriving family environment but also to impact your children's future, their children, and beyond. It's an opportunity to be part of a chain reaction of love, security, and understanding that lasts for generations.

Services: My offerings are tailored to meet dads where they are:
- Non-Violent Resistance (NVR): For dads navigating conflict at home, providing strategies to de-escalate and promote a peaceful family life.
- Circle of Security: An attachment-based program that helps dads understand and meet their children's needs, ensuring they know how to repair inevitable relationship ruptures.
- One-to-One Coaching: Personalized support for a variety of challenges, from behavioural issues to co-parenting conflicts, aiming to empower dads to parent confidently and lovingly, in contrast to their own upbringings or uncertain moments.

Professional Background: My career spans vital roles in supporting children with trauma, facilitating conflict resolution within families, and fostering early father-child bonds. My postgraduate degree in child and youth care enriches my ability to interpret children's behaviour as communication, guiding dads to create environments where children feel loved and can excel.

Who I Am Beyond Coaching: I'm a Dad of two, A sports fan, music lover, Glastonbury enthusiast, and a beachgoer with my dog, Milo. I share the same imperfections and learning moments as any parent. Like the time at 3 am, I navigated the trials of feeding, changing, and accidentally missing a nappy, leading to an impromptu bath. These moments teach us that while perfection in parenting is unattainable, striving to be better and learning from each experience is what truly matters.

Let's Connect: If you're ready to explore how to become the best version of yourself as a dad, I invite you to book a discovery call. Together, we can embark on this transformative journey, making every step an opportunity to grow, learn, and create lasting impacts for generations to come.


Drop me a message and let me know how I can help you. 

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