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Have you ever doubted your ability as a dad?
Have you ever thought?
  • 'I'm not a good enough Dad.'

  • 'I want to be a better Dad than my own Dad but I don't know what to do.'

  • 'How can I stop shouting at my kids or my partner?'

  • 'I need to be a better role model to my kids.' 

  • 'How can I have a better relationship with my kids or my partner?'

  • 'How can I better handle conflicts or disagreements in the family?'

  • 'How can I be a better Dad?'

  • 'How can I help my kids be happier?'

  • 'How can I sort my finances out for my family'

  • 'How can I be the best Dad ever?'

I've got good news for you
These thoughts are Normal

 and actually, signify that you're a caring and conscientious dad. Every dad thinking about these questions is already on the path to becoming the real-life superhero his family deserves's a sign that you're a good Dad.

Any Dad that seriously asks themselves these questions is a Dad who is on the journey to becoming the superhero that his family deserves. 

The crucial question remains: What is the next step for you? Are you a man of action, ready to tackle these challenges head-on? If so I'd love to join you on your transformational journey, supporting you every step of the way.



Hi, Dad! I'm Gareth, and I'm on a mission to help dads like you become extraordinary, loving fathers. I've been through the highs and lows of fatherhood, and I understand what it takes to create a strong, nurturing environment for your family.

Why I'm Here:

  • My Journey: I've been in your shoes, faced the challenges, and discovered the joys of fatherhood. Now, I'm here to guide you and help you recognise your unique strengths as a dad.

  • My Approach: At "Be a Super Dad," I believe in your power as a dad. I focus on nurturing your innate abilities and fostering an environment of love and care for your children.

  • My Mission: My goal is to provide you with practical guidance and unwavering support as you embark on your journey to becoming an exceptional dad. Together, we'll create a nurturing legacy for generations to come.

Welcome to "Be a Super Dad." Let's kick start your journey to becoming the Super Hero your kids deserve.

Gareth Wall Dad Coach

Dave, Cardiff

"Gareth's coaching has been a game-changer for my relationship with my kids. His warm and understanding approach helped me uncover strengths I didn't know I had. I now feel more connected and confident as a daD."

Steve, Bristol

"I was struggling big time, i was angry and i made my family unhappy. I now  handle things calmly, and the atmosphere at home has transformed. I feel closer to my wife and kids than ever before, and life is just wonderful. Gareth, thank you for everything!"

Mike, London

"Working with Gareth has been an eye-opening experience. His support and advice have empowered me to create a loving and secure environment for my children. I can't thank him enough for the positive impact he's had on my family."

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